Trading commodities has been done througout history when people would barter trade and no currencies existed. Today commodity trading still exists, but on a much larger scale and takes place on commodity markets.

How commodites work?

While trading commodities is a common business for large corporations, states and other major institutions, it is also gives individual investors a unique opportunity to profit.
Trading is not done directly with physical commodities, but rather with their derivatives, the base assets of which are certain commodities. These are not term transactions – i.e. what we buy today will have a fixed date assigned when the deal will be paid for. From the future price we determine whether we make a profit or loss.
Many investors are attracted to this market due to the fact that in the first phase they pay only the so called margin, i.e. only a small portion of the commodity’s real value.

How to invest?

Getting started is quite simple. Create a trading account, deposit your funds, log in to your account, and start trading.
With an EasyForex.Pro account, you will be able to trade a wide range of commodities such as precious metals, agricultural products, coffee and more.
As a commodities trader, we recommend that clients diversify their investments, which helps to reduce risks associated with this type of trading.

Why invest?

With EasyForex.Pro, you will gain the most favourable conditions on the market such as:

A commodity is a basic good or material used in trading. When trading commodities on capital markets, the quality and price of each product unit is accurately determined. On exchanges, commodities are traded through commodity contracts also known as futures.


Our team of highly qualified multilingual trading assistants is ready to help you 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.


Since these are long-term transactions, commodity investments do not require you to spend large amount of time monitoring markt activity.


We pride ourselves in multilingual customer care and our support team is dedicated to providing excellent assistance to our clients. With our Soma account, you will even qualify for a Personal Trading Specialist.


Trading in commodities does not depend on the value of the contracts themselves, but on their differences. Therefore any fluctuations manifested in both contracts together will have no effect on your trading. In addition, each commodity has an extreme determined which, if exceeded, will block trading with this commodity.
Instrument Specifications

The spreads provided are a reflection of the time-weighted average. Though attempts to provide competitive spreads during all trading hours, clients should note that these may vary and are susceptible to underlying market conditions. The above is provided for indicative purposes only. Clients are advised to check important news announcements on our Economic Calendar, which may result in the widening of spreads, amongst other instances.

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