Stocks or shares are the main domain of all global stock exchanges. Even people who are not active traders may own shares in a company, which makes them a ‘shareholder’ and entitled to dividends, a share of the companies profits.

How stocks work?

There are a variety of shares and share classes – the most common being basic or ordinary shares which are integral to stock exchange trading.
Preferential shares guarantee their shareholders receive preferential payment of dividends and a share of a company’s liquidation balance. There are also ’employee shares’ which companies use a means of incentive for their employees.
Shares are found in two only two forms – paper and booked. There are also ‘bearer shares’ which are solely owned by whoever hold the physical stock certificate.

How to trade?

Getting started is quite simple. Create a trading account, deposit your funds, log in to your account, and start trading.
As a shareholder you are eligible to receive company dividends. However, the main risk is not knowing whether a company will make a profit. Also, trading stocks with CFDs does not require traders to purchase the stock itself.

Why invest?

Speculating on the stock market is a fairly popular method for investors because it is considered to be significantly safer that other markets.

To trade with stocks you can either invest directly in a company or your can trade CFDs on stocks of choice. The benefit of using CFDs to trade is that you do not have to own the actual stock.


Our team of highly qualified multilingual trading assistants is ready to help you 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.


Get profits from any joint stock company you trade. If you own shares of a company or trade CFDs of stocks with us, you will be eligible to receive dividend payments.


Trade stocks without paying any extra charges.


Any profits made from changes in the stock value are tax free, if the shares have been owned over six months.
Instrument Specifications

The spreads provided are a reflection of the time-weighted average. Though attempts to provide competitive spreads during all trading hours, clients should note that these may vary and are susceptible to underlying market conditions. The above is provided for indicative purposes only. Clients are advised to check important news announcements on our Economic Calendar, which may result in the widening of spreads, amongst other instances.

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